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Codes For Blissful Marriage


Pastor Mary Abiodun Abioye and her husband Bishop David Abioye serve as pastors in Living Faith Church Worldwide Inc. under the leadership of Bishop Oyedepo.
She stands as a strong support to her husband in ministry and together they have pastured several congregations with attendant proofs of God’s grace upon their lives. Her strong passion for the building of successful Christian homes is fully expressed as she ministers tirelessly to married couples, youths and singles through several means including counseling, teaching, and an exemplary lifestyle.
She also regularly organizes a special programme popularly known as ‘Fruitfulness Classes’ for those that have been labeled ‘barren’ in the society. And over the years, many attendees of such programmes have become joyful mothers and fathers of children, to the glory of God!
She is a happy mother of three wonderful children.


Over the centuries, the world has developed greatly and the history of civilization shows that technology today is far from what it used to be some years ago, in terms of improvement. Yet, despite the advancement, development and changes in the world, there is an aspect of society that remains a great concern to all, and that is the rate of failing marriages, divorce and its attendant problems?
In this captivating book, Pastor Mary A. Abioye says, “There is a code of conduct for married couples and it is contained in God’s word.” She affirms that scriptures are codes, not everybody can read and understand them. But when you are able to decode and apply them to your marriage, you are sure to have positive changes.
To help you prepare for the exams in marriage and understand the secret code that makes it work, you need to understand
“Marriage is not a trap, it is for better life and you can make the best of it if you know the secret code!”


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